Clothing & Weapons

Here are helpful links for ordering do-gi (gi tops), hakama (pleated “trousers”), kaku obi (belts) and training weapons if we don't have then in stock already.

We have Hakama, Obi, and Keikogi as well as Tanto and Bokken for students at the dojo. We can help order from other internet sights if/as needed.


We wear a sword-bearing “kaku obi. A kaku obi is different from belts typically worn in iaido or other non-samurai arts. You may choose any color:
Kaku obi from e-bogu
Kaku obi on eBay (search “kaku obi” for additional options):


Bokken (wooden training sword):
Nami ryu bokken are specific to our ryuha (school). We have ones made specifically for our school for students. $120

Any bokken or training weapons other than the ones listed below will need to be cleared by the instructor for use in class.

Our dojo keeps extra training weapons of various types on-hand. This will also let you try out different weapon lengths and woods to discover the one you like best.


Bo-Tanto (wooden knife)
As practitioners of a samurai art, we always carry multiple weapons. The tanto is a mainstay of Nami ryu, and we carry a bo-tanto in addition to a bokken. Custom-made bo-tanto are also available for around $40 (please inquire)


Bo-Wakizashi (wooden short sword)
A wakizashi is optional for beginners. We can have them made to order or you can order from Bugei.
Hickory bo-wakizashi or Ipe bo-wakisashi